Brosis Boom Barrier

Boom Barriers

BROSIS AUTOMATIC BOOM BARRIERS BROSIS automatic boom barriers are designed & manufactured to provide long term reliability, efficient operation and durability with possibility of closing passages upto 8 meters.Automatic boom barriers are also well known as traffic barriers, parking barriers, toll barriers, security barriers etc. These barriers offer efficient security at the entry points &[…]


UVSS-Under Vehicle Surveillance System

— AREA SCAN IMAGING TECHNOLOGY — LINE SCAN IMAGING TECHNOLOGY UVSS screens vehicle undercarriages for potential security threats such as IEDs – improvised explosive devices. The intelligent under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS), which is capable of automatic inspection of vehicle undercarriages, and provides alerts when suspicious foreign objects or abnormalities are detected with line scan[…]


Drop Arm Barrier

A DROP ARM BARRIER, SECURE ALTERNATIVE TO BOOM BARRIER Brosis manufacture high security anti-terrorist drop arm barrier also known as crash rated boom barriers. These barriers are designed to as per PAS 68 standard & is able to withstand impact resistance of 720 KJ,  the anti-terrorist boom barrier provides shallow mounted protection to sites. These[…]


Tyre Killer / Spike Barrier

Hydraulic Tyre Killer / Spike Barrier Brosis manufacture high security range of electro-hydraulic tyre killer / spike barrier consisting of an underground casing and heavy-duty steel spikes. In case vehicle try to enter forcefully, its tyres, suspension and axles will get destroy. Blocking width: from 2 m to 6 m Installation depth of casing: 478[…]


Road Blockers

COMMERCIAL & CRASH RATED ROAD BLOCKERS – K4 & K12 Brosis manufacture Road Blockers which are normally used to install where there is a need of high security, anti-terrorist places, defense, embassies etc. These are manufactured using heavy duty steel and top plate is made of anti slip sheet, with openable access covers to enable[…]



COMMERCIAL & CRASH RATED BOLLARDS – K4, K12 Brosis are manufacturers of automatic hydraulic bollards, pneumatic bollards, electro-mechanical bollards, manual bollards, fixed bollards and automatic retractable bollards and are designed for continuous cycles and are ideal for anti-terrorism, high level traffic control, commercial building entrances and exit. All our bollards can be integrated with any[…]