Brosis FORCE BSM is a hydraulically operated shallow mounted bollard, which is used to prevent the entry of vehicles where high security is required, ideally where automatic retractable bollards are not possible to install due to depth constraints.


Technical Specification

Type of bollard Shallow mounted
Anti-Ram Class/rating K12 (M50
Designed to stop 7.2 ton loaded truck travelling @80 Km/h known as– P1)
K8 (M40
Designed to stop 7.2 ton loaded truck travelling @64 Km/h known as– P1)
K4 (M30
Designed to stop 7.2 ton loaded truck travelling @ 48 Km/h known as– P1)
Drive Unit Hydraulic (External)
Rising height 1200 MM 1000 MM 700 MM
Blocking width 450 MM 350 MM 350 MM
Rising time 5-6 sec 4-5 sec 3-4 sec
Down time 3-4 sec 3-4 sec 2-3 sec
Material Heavy duty high tensile steel Heavy duty structural steel
Axle Load capacity 25 Ton
Structure & finish Hot dip galvanized against resist to corrosion followed by epoxy powder paint.
Input Voltage 440 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase or 220 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase Control Unit IP 67
Protection class IP 67
Blocking in raised position Hydraulic lock
Breakout resistance 16,80,000 J 11,80,000 J 7,20,000 J
Duty cycle 100%
Operating temperature – 20 C to + 60 C
Control Unit PLC/microprocessor based control panel with readily available option for integration with any access control system
MTBF 50,00,000
Reflective radium strips Yes
Visual & Sound Yes, built in LED lights & buzzer for operational alert
Safety for humans IR photo cells (sensors)(sensors)
Safety for vehicles Loop detector
Driver alert Traffic light (Red/Green) – optional
Power failure Manual down with release valve
Manual Hand pump for operating manually up & down in case of prolonged power failure / breakdown / emergency
Accumulator (optional) Accumulator for 04 cycles up/down operations if the one does not want to operate manually
Smart Access Can be integrated with TOTAL BA